Hi Everyone!

Today, I have a full review of “FERTEERA NATURAL REJUVENATING JELLY SERUM”. I have been using FERTEERA serum and fell in love with it.

First, the jelly-like texture really hit on me. It absorbs into my skin really well. Moreover, after applying the serum for a couple of seconds, it vanishes away and doesn’t leave my skin oily. In my view, this texture could apply to any skin type.  

Second, the ingredient attracts my attention!
• Green caviar soothes the skin and gives fine complexity plus strength.
• Green tea is a secret of anti-ageing and anti-inflammation complex.
• Seaweed is compiled of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that benefit to skin with anti-ageing effects, anti-acne and help the smooth colouration.
• Rice bran helps smooth and soften skin with vitamin B and vitamin E. 
• Oak roots have a healing effect and remove the dead cell.
• Ferulic acid reduces skin inflammation by repairing and protecting the damaged cell.
• Licorice has a soothing effect by reducing redness and swelling.
• Marshmallow root minimises skin irritation.

The key result of the serum is anti-ageing, anti-acne, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, and moisturising.

Third, this serum is also suited for sensitive skin. It’s free of alcohol, fragrance, paraben, and silicone. Worry-free for Acne and Sensitive people!

Lastly, I like the texture of my skin after applying the serum. It gives my skin plump and bright.
If you’re looking for a serum for your skin, let’s try it!
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